How long should a tie be

This article was last updated on 1 August 2021.

How long should a tie be in 2021

The tip of your tie should end in the middle of your waistband (or belt when you wear it) when you stand in your natural posture.

Getting the proper tie length and tie knots is an issue as old as etiquette. Even in the early age, the tie worn by Croatian mercenaries hired by Louis XIII was required to be a particular length.

At that time, tie was part of a uniform. If you wear an improper length of the tie, it can distract everyone around you. A question, how long should a tie be? Must be in your mind, so don’t panic.

Today wearing tie is common among people, and different patterns and designs are available in the shops. Wearing tie has become a fashion in the modern days.

All school going children, employees and businesses wear tie at daily routine. But sometimes people make a mistake when buying a tie because they have no idea about its length, stuff and quality. In this article, we briefly explain all interesting information about the tie. 

History of a tie

The history of the tie is amusing, most presume that the modern necktie was introduced in 1920. But its real story starts from the 17th century during thirty years in France.

King Louis XIII hires soldiers who wore a piece of clothes around their necks. Louis loved it so much and even named it “la Cravate” after the Croatians he took it from.

At that time, necktie wares were part of uniform. In the 1800s, touching another man’s neckwear was unambiguously grounds for a duel. 

The word tie begins to replace cravat. King Edward VII popularizes the ascot. At that time, the four-sided knot is adopted everywhere, especially in the military and at colleges.

The Oxford student tied the ribbon from the boater’s hat. Meanwhile, more knots in the latest design were being developed. In Paris, Stefano Demarelli charged steep prices to give Valet a six-hour intensive in knotting neckwear. Further, from 1920 to 2000, different fabrics ties are introduced. Nowadays, ties are available in many styles, widths, materials, patterns and colors. 

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How should tie a tie

Mostly that person who wears a tie for the first time has no idea how to handle it. There is another common mistake gentlemen make during choosing a wrong length. You can fix once if you know exactly what length a tie should be? So if you wear a tie first, you should follow some guide liens that help you wear a tie. Starting with these helpful instructions, a sharp-looking tie, a mirror and some patience, you can become an expert in knotting your own fashionable knot. There are several options to ware Tie. But here we explain the basic steps for all beginners. 

Simple steps to wear Oriental knot

  1. Stand in front of mirror and take a tie, wrap it around your collar with the join facing inward and the thick end on your left, two or three inches below your desired finish position. 
  2. Bring the thick end horizontally to the front of the thin end and move it horizontally behind the thin end. 
  3. Pass the thick end backwards over the front of the knot from left to right. 
  4. Now move the thickset end horizontally behind the knot from right to left. 
  5. Pass the end from left to right above the knot. Put your finger under this third horizontal loop. 
  6. Bring the tip of the dense end under the loop around your collar and take it behind the knot, over the front of the knot and through this third horizontal loop. 
  7. Push the thick end through the horizontal loop and squeeze it down. 
  8. In the last step, adjust your knots and pull slowly at the narrow end with the other. 

Types of tie and patterns. 

Today, necktie is the popular men’s fashion that is most famous among the people. It shows the decent appearance of a person, mostly people use tie for office use with formal dress.

A tie was a mandatory part of the dress code in many professions. In the business sector, it certainly instills a sense of authority and professionalism. However, as dress rules become more relaxed, ties are evolving from a custom to a style statement.

There are different types of tie; pattern and fabrics are available in the market. Different kinds of type of knot, pattern, and fabrics shown below: 

  • Western Bow-Tie 
  • Skinny Tie 
  • Bolo/Bola Tie 
  • Fold tie 
  • Ascot Tie 
  • Apron Necktie 
  • Bow tie 
  • Sailor Tie 

Types of tie pattern 


Whether you need to wear a tie daily or occasionally for special events, knowing the variety of patterns is effective for you. By changing the pattern and color of your tie, you can take yourself from a work uniform to a dapper getup for casual events and celebrations. Different types of tie pattern show below: 

  1. Solid tie 
  2. Diagonal Striped Ties 
  3. Tartan Tie 
  4. Check Tie 
  5. Plaid Tie 
  6. Polka Dot Ties 
  7. Geometric Pattern Ties 
  8. Paisley Ties 
  9. Floral Ties 
  10. Novelty Ties 

How long should a bolo tie be

Bolo tie is one of the oldest tie designs, and famous by its exclusive names ‘bola’ or ‘shoestring necktie’. Cravat is a type of neckwear made from a length of code or leather strings that are entwined together.

The bolo tie is prominent due to the decorated cord with metal inserts. It looks pretty because it is sealed with an ornate buckle or slide.  New Mexicans and Arizonians chose the Bolo as neckwear. These simple and elegant accessories have recently become more popular among people who love wearing necktie and thus reach other regions of the world. 

History of bolo tie

Bolo ties, also known as string ties, originated in the Old West. In the mid of the 20th century, Bolo tie became the symbol of the American Southwest. Even though Bolo tie was most famous in the United States through Western television shows and movies. 

In the 1950s, bolo tie gained worldwide recognition and became a unique and iconic fashion statement for teddy boys whose rebellious rock-and-roll attitude swept England.

At that time, bolo tie became the official state neckwear in Arizona. Now Bolo ties made of Kangaroo leather are available with a simple sliding knot or a selection of sterling silver slides. You can also use them for more casual wear. 

Best brands of the tie

Mostly people have no idea about the stuff of the cloth. Sometimes they are confused about the brand which is best suited to buy a tie. If you’re looking for a shopping mall, you’ll likely find rows of links.

Therefore, we will present you with 10 outstanding brands that offer the best value for money and quality regardless of your budget. Therefore, the top brands of the tie are shown below. 

  • Hawes & Curtis 
  • Eton Shirts 
  • The Tie Bar 
  • Charles Tyrwhitt 
  • Brooks Brothers 
  • Suitsupply 
  • Dapper Lapel 
  • Rampley & Co 
  • Turnbull & Asser 

How long should a tie clip be

Tie bar/clip is another flawless menswear accessory. It increases both style and function to your wardrobe. When you wear a suit with tie and worn tie clip correctly, it will add subtle, sophisticated elegance.

However, if worn incorrectly, it can quickly become a noticeable style Faux Pas that can throw off your entire ensemble. To ensure you wear your tie bars correctly, here are the three basic tie bar rules that you need to know. In addition to the proper placement of the tie bar and the length of the tie bar, I will also give you tips on how to find the perfect color, material and design.

When you purchase your dress, you should buy a tie or clip that suit with your dress. 

Rules of tie bar/clip 

Sometime people have no idea how to fix a tie bar/clip. They fix their tie bar randomly, that looks so bad. So here we explain a few rules of the tie bar. 

  1. Fix between the 3rd or 4th button 
  1. ¾ lengths across the tie 
  1. clip the tie and shirt together. 
  2. choose right color that suits with your tie 

Wearing tie is the most common fashion today, because many varieties are available in the shopping malls. If we look back in the past, the length of a tie bar has been a relevant conversational topic.

But today, modern society has adapted to a broad set of guidelines that help command the correct length a tie bar should be worn. 

Although this tie length is widely accepted in fashion circles, not every man was clued in to the memo, so it is not strange for people to completely neglect these rules.

However, if you groomed your personality and want to look like a gentleman. Then you should know about the accessories, because it is worthwhile learning about the precise length of a tie bar.  

The original length of the tie bar covers 3 / 4 the width of the tie. But exact measurement depends on which tie you are selected.

Whether you wear a standard necktie, fold tie or a skinny tie.  

History of tie clips

Tie clip or tie bar is also part of accessories. It’s modest, but it helps fit your tie in the right place. In 1870, when four-hand knot became more popular, aristocrats started to use tie tacks.

They also use stick pins to hold their neckwear. Without clip, neckwear is not stable in the right place, so tie clip helps prevent the wind from whipping it around.

But now in the modern world, tie clips are available in various designs and qualities. All those wearing neckwear must use tie clip. Here, we show some types of tie clips you can buy from any shopping mall when you buy suit and tie. 

Types of tie clip: 

  • Tie Clip/ Tie Bar 
  • Tie tacks 
  • Stick Pins 
  • Tie Chains 

How long should a skinny tie be

When you wear a tie, you must consider its length, because too much lengthy tie or too much short tie both are not looking good. So tie length should be ended at your waistband.

The skinny tie is most popular among men’s fashion. The skinny necktie has a width of 1.5-2.5 inches. A skinny necktie is a fashion accessory, and it was introduced in the late 1960s.skinney neckwear are highly fashionable and season specific.

It is a clothing accessory that any man should have in his closet. Below are different measurements of skinny neckwear available, although it’s not uncommon to find ties a quarter inch skinnier or wider than the measurements listed below: 

  • The length of 2 inches is considered a skinny tie. It is most famous and comfortable, and is usually worn for a more casual dress. 
  • The length of 2.5 is called a slim tie. It is also trendy and can be used as formally. Its size is popular among teenagers and young adults. 
  • The length of 3 inches, known as a narrow tie. It’s excellent by with. It can be worn to give professional clothes a modern style. 
  • This length of 3.25 is the typical width of a standard tie. It is a contemporary width famous among people and has become a standard in recent years. 
  • The length of 3.5 inches is considered a traditional width tie. Today, it is a common  
  • Width on traditional extra-long ties. It also appears as a narrow tie. 
  • The length of 3.75inches+ is a board tie, it is the best size, but it is harder to find it today. Even men still prefer this size. 

You might have spent your time practicing to wear  perfect tie, so you should follow above all instruction.

These instructions help you select a perfect color, pattern and fabric. If you want to adjust a tie bar, you can also gain knowledge in this article, and it will help you find the perfect length of the tie that helps you expect a gentleman. 

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