How long does it take to charge a car battery?

This article was last updated on 1 August 2021.

How long does it take to charge a car battery in 2021

You are on a long journey, and suddenly your car battery is out of order, and you have no idea what to do now.

Luckily, we have a different option for you when your car batteries are dead and need to charge it. Your battery capacity depends on the voltage and amps.

How interminable distance it will take during driving? How to jump a car on road? 

 A car mostly takes hold of 48 amps, so it will take 4 to 24 hours to fully recharge a dead battery of your car. It all depends on your size of car, battery and charger.

This is so convenient for you to charge your car battery and maintain a certain level of driving for long distance.

Sometimes we are not using our car for many days of month, and suddenly we use it for a trip, and it stopped on the road. When you checked, you realized its battery was exhausted. 

 Firstly, you should check whether it is hot or not, and secondly, you need a charger.

When you get a charger, you have the idea how to use a charger?

If you have no idea about the basic steps of how to recharge the car battery? Then don’t worry, in this article, we explain all the important points of recharging a car battery. 

Types of car batteries: 

There are different types of car batteries available in the market, but they varied depending on the car model. Each of the car batteries has required specific. Here we reference some of the most common car batteries readily available in the market.  

  1. Efb battery
  2. Atg batteries
  3. Wet cell batteries
  4. Deep cycle battery
  5. Calcium batteries

Here we explain the slow and fast charge. 

Slow charge 

Slow charging is best for your car battery, and charging rates vary depending on the battery’s type and capacity. However, when start charging an automotive battery, at 10 amps or less, it is considered a slow charge, but while you are charging at 20 amps or above, it is generally considered a fast charge.  

Fast charge 

When repeated fast charges on a battery, it went be overcharged a battery. Rapid charging of a battery can reduce the battery’s service life. 

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How long does it take to charge a car battery?

How long does it take to charge a car battery with a charger? 

Sometimes you go anywhere, but your car does not react.

There are no noises, no sputter, nothing, but the car is not starting. If this situation happens to you, then there’s a chance your car battery is dead completely.

In this condition, if you are thinking about charging a car battery, you need to understand some of the most important details. 

A charger is only required if your car battery is exhausted, but rechargeable batteries depend on the charger.

Sometimes it will take an hour to a day for recharge. If your battery is dead, you should choose the best charger. When you recharge your battery with a low-quality charger, it can be dangerous for your battery. 

Types of charger: 

  1. Linear Charger
  2. Multi-stage Charger
  3. Trickle Chargers

Linear charger: 

This is the simplest charger that can effectively charge your car battery. It only requires a little setup power.

Linear charger can recharge your car battery, but it will take a long time. But there is a problem due to its slow charging, which can damage your battery and reduce its life. 

Multi-stage charger 

Multi-stage battery is better than linear charger because it bursts continuous stream and recharges a battery.

This charger is costly compared to a linear charger. It also prevents the slow charging damages. When you recharge your car battery with a multi-stage charger, it can increase your battery life. 

Trickle chargers: 

A trickle charger is another type of battery charger that delivers a measly voltage.

This charger slowly recharges the battery. A trickle charger can operate between 0.8 and 4 amperage. Speedy charger can damage your car battery and reduce its life, but trickle can only prevent the problem. When you connect it to the battery, the vehicle is not used.

Trickle charger will deliver equal to the batteries rate of self-discharge. It also avoids overcharge, as overcharge can also damage your car battery.

When the battery is fully recharged, it automatically closes. The entire above charger helps you change your cars battery. How does a battery be charged? Everything depends on the size of the battery. 

How long does it take to charge a car battery with jumper cables? 

The car battery can be dead due to several reasons, like maybe you are for going long periods without starting your car, keeping it in freezing outdoor temperatures, leaving the headlights of the car or internal lights on etc. If you face this situation, you need a set of jumper cables, and a functional car with a charged battery is required.  

You must know about using jumper cables and recharge the dead battery. You can also transfer energy from the functional battery. You should read these articles if you want to learn about the steps to charge safely and effectively a dead battery of a car. 

Here are the ten steps to jumper recharge a car battery: 

  1. Opening the car’s hood
  2. know the positive and negative terminals
  3. connecting positive terminals
  4. connecting one black cable
  5. Grounding the other end of the black cable
  6. Starting the functional car
  7. Allowing sufficient time to charge
  8. start the car with the dead battery
  9. remove the jumper cables
  10. Drive your car
How long does it take to charge a car battery?

How long does it take to charge a car battery with a trickle charger? 

Trickle charger is designed to recharge a vehicle battery. This charger will be stored in a car for longer to recharge the battery.

It can slowly increase the charge to the battery and does not allow normal exhaustion of batteries commonly used. Nowadays, various types of trickles have been manufactured. Some trickle chargers can charge only a battery and remain on a battery indefinitely.

These chargers can only be used for vehicles that are not used all the time or stored away in winter or summer.  It keeps the battery running and prevents it from being exhausted. Some types of trickle charger shown below: 

Types of Trickle Charger: 

  1. Suaokiics7+ 12v 
  2. Energizer 4 amp 
  3. Sunforce5-watt solar 
  4. Schumacherspeedcharge2/6/10 amp  
  5. Black+deckerautomatic 
  6. Battery tender® plus 1.25 amp 
  7. Orion motor tech portable 12v 

How to use a trickle charger? 

Trickle chargers used to charge a battery regulate the charging rate and prevent excessive charging. Trickle charger helps charge the battery of your vehicle at a rate, including the rate at which it recharges itself, to maintain full battery capacity.

Its continued streaming prevents all those damages caused by the linear charger. It is charging speed is efficient, but one thing is important that overcharging can cause damage to the battery. 

Trickle charger is easy to use because most trickle chargers consist of a simple box.

Most trickle chargers consist of a simple box, a power cable, and two alligator clips. Before starting to recharge your car battery, connect everything.

Be sure to set the voltage and battery appropriate for your battery. You should all be sure that the switches and buttons on the charger box are set before connecting the charger to a power source. 

How long does it take to charge a car battery with a solar panel? 

Today, solar panel is another way to charge your car’s battery, and helps you take a long drive without hesitation.

Solar panel is the most efficient and less costly way to recharge your car battery. According to our current condition of the environment, we should avoid burning fossil fuels.

Now I’m not going to discuss all the green stuff. You are here because you want to know how to solar panel charge a 12V car. The short answer is mostly dependent on the size of the battery. Sometime a solar panel can take 5-8 hours to fully charge a 12-volt car battery that can produce 1 amp of current.

If you want to get a more effective charge, make sure the panel is directly facing the sun. You should also ensure there are no obstacles between. 

One thing must be in mind that charging time will vary depending on the solar panel size and amp output. A vast solar panel can provide fast charging than a solar charger.

Here are some types of solar car battery kits that help charge your car battery. 

Types of Solar Car Battery Charger Kits 

  1. Sunerpower solar car battery charger
  2. Powoxisolar car battery charger
  3. Sunway solar car battery charger
  4. Nocosolar battery charger
  5. Allpowerssolar battery maintainer
  6. Tcxwlightweight solar panel kit for car
  7. Suaokisolar car battery charger


If you’re planning to purchase and use the car battery charger kit outside, you should probably purchase it to be waterproof and dustproof. 

One more thing that takes some other protections to ensure it doesn’t entirely fall apart. 

You should also consider whether it will be outside in the sun for long periods. Does it create some problems or not? So choose one who will give you long-term satisfaction. 

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