How long does a mosquito live

This article was last updated on 1 August 2021.

How long does a mosquito live in 2021

Mosquito is one of the most irritating insects, and people do not like this insect. It appears in the warm season.

Although its size is limited, it can spread dangerous diseases among people. Itching, welts are the most common diseases in summer days.

Mosquitoes have a relatively short lifespan, the female of which spends mainly her time trying to bite a person, so she can lay her eggs, as the blood of a species acts as a nourishment for her mosquito eggs. 

Most people believe mosquitoes die after they have taken their one bite. But in reality, they live only for a few weeks, and female mosquito prolongs life than an adult male mosquito.

They surely need some time to produce and lay their eggs in standing water. Sometimes people think about how long a mosquito lives? So here we also explain the life-cycle of the mosquito. 

Life – cycle Mosquitoes: 

The duration of the mosquito life cycle and its lifespan vary between species and depends on environmental conditions, including temperature and humidity. However, the life cycle of all mosquitoes consists of egg, larval, pupal and adult phases. 


A male mosquito feeds its bodies on plant nectar, but females suck the blood of hosts to develop and nourish eggs. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs directly into stagnant water. 


The mosquito egg will hatch into larvae within 24-48 hours. The larvae have a length of about 5 mm. They can breathe through air tubes. The larvae can float just above the surface of the water. 

Both phases of larvae and pupae cannot survive without water or stagnant water. They need access to water


The larvae convert into the pupal stage within the 7 to 10 days. Pupae are also visible on the surface of the breeding ground.

In this stage, larvae convert into the adult mosquito that can fly properly. An adult female mosquito seeks an animal on which to feed. Female mosquitoes can fly for miles if necessary, and can lay over 100 eggs at a time. 

When we studied the entire process, the life cycle of mosquitoes takes two months. However, when adult mosquitoes die, their new generation is ready to fly.

It means newer female mosquitoes will search blood, so they can repeat the cycle.  


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How long does a mosquito live after biting someone

Mosquito bites are common in summer, but these blood-sucking pests bite many people as they wish at any moment. Because they do not require a specific place or time.

Mosquitoes are real pests. If they bite you under your arms or behind your knees, they can be controlled easily, but sometimes they attack suddenly and bite you for several times. It seems like they swoop and get a piece of juicy blood. So what happens with the mosquitoes after biting? Let’s read in this article.

Many people believe a mosquito will die after being bitten, but this is not true.

Mosquitoes do not die after they bite, even they can live for 3 more weeks. Female mosquitoes live longer than male mosquitoes. When a female mosquito bites a person, it sucks blood and bites repeatedly.

Mosquitoes need blood to lay eggs. If she does not suck the blood of persons, they cannot lay eggs and grow their generation. After sucking the blood, they also need some water, where they can lay their eggs.  

Types of mosquitoes: 

There are various species of mosquitoes on the earth. According to research, there are more than 3000 species on earth. But the most common mosquito species are found in the United States, and each has its own characteristic.

Here we explain some of the most common types of mosquito. 

  1. House mosquito 
  2. Southern mosquito 
  3. Asian tiger mosquito 
  4. Yellow fever mosquito 
  5. Anopheles mosquito
  6. Pitcher plant mosquito
  7. Eastern saltmarsh mosquito
  8. Marsh mosquito
  9. Pssorophoraciliata
  10. Culiseta

Mosquito diseases 

Mosquito are small insects, but they spread dangerous viruses among humans. Therefore, when they bite, spread diseases, viruses and infections. Due to these viruses, thousands of people are infected and die. Here we discuss the viruses that affected the people. Here are some of the most popular diseases. 

Culex Mosquitoes 

Culex Mosquitoes are night biter, they can bite  both outdoors or indoor. They prefer to bite humans, and they spread the West Nile virus among the people. This mosquito lay eggs in pulled water, stored in ponds or artificial containers. 

Anopheles Mosquitoes 

Anopheles Mosquito is indoor or outdoor biter. It prefers to bite human and mammal. It can also transmit malaria disease. It lays eggs not in the water, which are naturally vegetated water bodies. 

Aedes Mosquitoes 

This mosquito is found in the United States. They are active day biters, bite to humans and spread the diseases. Aedes Mosquitoes lay eggs in pure water, which may store in water tanks, flower pots, tires, etc. 


  • Zika
  • Chikungunya
  • Yellow Fever
  • Dengue

Mosquito prevention 

After a mosquito bites you, it can be dangerous for your health because it influences viruses in your body. So if you want mosquito prevention, you need to follow some instructions. If you notice that mosquito flying around, or maybe in your home or room.

So you should ensure to protect yourself from these insects, always wear light colored clothes and cover your body parts.

Pick up some mosquito repellent and use it before they bite. Here we give you some suggestions that prevent the mosquito bite. 

  1. Blow them away with a breeze if they appear indoors.
  2. Stay at your home and avoid peak mosquito hours.
  3. Apply DEET when you go outdoors.
  4. Use other mosquito repellents if you are not into DEET
  5. Cover your body with woven clothes.
  6. Avoidto weardark colors. 
  7. Remove standing water from your house.
  8. Apply Spray in your yard and home for mosquitoes.

How long does a mosquito live without food

When mosquitoes lay eggs, then in the early stages, water is needed for them and other nutrients they get from the organisms.

These nutrients are found in stagnating water. When larvae mature and their size increases, they need less water. A male mosquito does not bite humans. Only female mosquito can do this because she has a long life span. She actually bites because she needs blood to lay eggs in water.

With the cold climate, she can live six months without eating or drinking. When the season changes and warm weather starts, she needs a proper meal more regularly. If she is caught on the web or unable to get a source of food, she will die  within approximately four days. 

How long does a mosquito live

How long does a mosquito live indoors

Indoor mosquitoes can live for a long time because their lifespan increases from 4 days to a month. If a female mosquito bites and sucks the blood, they can live in your house for more than three weeks. Mosquito can live long if they live indoors, not other species. 

If you have a male mosquito in your house, it can live for 6-9 days. But when female mosquitoes are found in your home, they can live for a long time. Another curious thing is that a male mosquito will not bite anyone, but a female mosquito are  attracted to your blood and sweat that emits a smell from your body. Because females  mosquito need blood for lay eggs. 

How long does a mosquito live after they bite you

When the summer started, you noticed mosquitoes appear around you. This insect is disturbing due to its whispering, and it can also bite to any person. But after research, we realize that male mosquito live on the plant and feed himself.

But if we look at a female mosquito, she can bite anyone and repeat this process many times to feed himself. After bite, a female mosquito can prolong their life for 3 weeks, and lay eggs in water.  


In the above article, we explain all interesting facts and information about the mosquito. Especially their life cycle, the types and diseases that they spread to humans. In the above article, we also explain the prevention of mosquito bites. So I hope you can learn important knowledge about the mosquito and save yourself from mosquito bites. 

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